Trimming The Chimichanga

- response to a letter in the Pgh Post-Gazette, written by a schmuck 
from Mt. Washington named Albert Bruno Bianchini

This letter is in response to Stop With The Mass Hatred For Our President, posted in the PPG on 7/25/17. The author bemoans the “hatred” targeted at President Trump by the “shameful” media, and the “un-American” Democratic Party. Moreover, he brazenly states “The 62 million citizens with common sense voted for Mr. Trump.”

If a vote for Mr. Trump registers as “common sense,” then Trump voters must be powering their microwaves to prune the hedges, and pulling the ripcord on their trimmers to heat up Tuesday’s half-eaten Big Bean Chimichanga.

The letter epitomizes the too-rampant lizard brain appraisal of current politics, in a glut of blanket statements that exhibit an alarming dearth of critical thinking. No specifics, no examples, just mud flap prose like “The hatred (for Trump), the most that Americans in modern times have ever witnessed,” and “(Trump voters) wanted to stop the planned decline of the US.” Of the former statement, Google “Obama+Tea Party signs” and rethink your position. Concerning your second statement — a black hole of nuance — I can only assume you alone possess the leaked blueprint for the failed Obama Marshall Law Proposal: Operation Sleepy Patriot.


Donald Trump is the humanization of misdirected anger (think: the pink slime in Ghostbusters II) proliferated by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. The antidote is critical thinking—what, I bet, your public school teachers worked tirelessly to convey long before Obama schemed to draw a handlebar mustache and devil horns on your Ronald Reagan Fathead wall decal.

I wouldn’t be bothered if others’ lack of critical thinking didn’t affect me. But, as an American, it does. My hope is that America learns HOW to think, not WHAT to think, before the midterms.

In the meantime, enjoy your immaculately trimmed chimichanga.


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