The Vultures Salivates On Your Patriotism

Why do so many conservatives regard Obama with such wrath? Evidence of the blind hate of Obama is too pervasive, from the highest office to the most-rural voter.

Within twenty seconds of taking the Oath of Office, President Trump took an executive hatchet to heaps of Obama-orchestrated legislation—sans litigation, contemplation, or deliberation. Consequences to the good of the people be damned.

Days ago, an opinion piece about healthcare was featured in the PPG. A particular line is telling: “Obamacare is named after one of the most incompetent presidents in our history. So why should his eponymous health care system ever have given anyone hope that it would have worked?”

Think about what the author is implying. According to the author, simply because the Affordable Care Act was authored by Barack Hussein Obama, the progressive, life-saving healthcare legislation should’ve been fed to the shredder before the president finished the final swoop in his signature. Worse, the author is accompanied by millions of like-minded folk, who act on nuisance like a black hole acts on gravity.

Heck, if these liberal-haters came upon a bottle of Obamawater in the Mojave Desert, they’d proudly dump it in the sand and expect the salivating vultures to tell tales of their act of patriotism.

Thought experiment: if Barack Obama was a white dude from Kentucky named Chuck, who authored the Affordable Care Act exactly as it is, do you think these people, including President Trump, would be raging against Chuckcare?


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