We Are The Good Guys

-orginally published in Crooked Lullabies, 3/24/13.-to my son, Uri. We are the good guys. We are the merrymakers dancing among the fires of the apocalypse. We are the heretics screeching from the bell tower above the smoke plumes. We are the carousers laughing while the pharaoh chokes. I’d spent nine months imagining my reaction the … Continue reading We Are The Good Guys


The Sculptor

-originally published in Crooked Lullabies, 8/7/16. -to my wife, Kait. She is young. She is an artist. She has boundless dreams and steady hands. The clay is fresh. The clay is moist. The clay is shapeless. She places the clay on the wheel and presses the pedal that makes it spin. The clay is squishy … Continue reading The Sculptor