The Great Comeuppance

I have officially boarded the Trump Train. Toot-toot! I’ve reread my Facebook status updates and blog posts since Donald Trump rode down the golden escalator over two years ago, and I’m ashamed. I regret all my rants that target President Donald J. Trump, and each and every person who vehemently support him. I’m here to … Continue reading The Great Comeuppance


America NEEDS Donald Trump

Contrary to denunciations, Donald Trump indeed made the predicted presidential pivot after being sworn-in as the 45th President of the United States. Unfortunately, the pivot was 360 degrees. And that's good. Donald Trump is only going to be loonier, and more destructive. And that's good too. America needs an egotistical, bigoted, narcissistic, ignorant, morally indifferent, … Continue reading America NEEDS Donald Trump

The Vultures Salivates On Your Patriotism

Why do so many conservatives regard Obama with such wrath? Evidence of the blind hate of Obama is too pervasive, from the highest office to the most-rural voter. Within twenty seconds of taking the Oath of Office, President Trump took an executive hatchet to heaps of Obama-orchestrated legislation—sans litigation, contemplation, or deliberation. Consequences to the … Continue reading The Vultures Salivates On Your Patriotism

“Nowadays” Humankind Is Not More Violent; Keep Fighter Jets Away From Emperor Caligula

-originally published on Crooked Lullabies, 4/22/13. The recent Boston Marathon bombings have rightly awakened throngs of dozing social critics. However, I grit my teeth whenever someone grumbles a cliché like "nowadays people are more violent." Literature exists explaining why humankind is considerably less violent today than at any point in history. Evolution dictates that humankind … Continue reading “Nowadays” Humankind Is Not More Violent; Keep Fighter Jets Away From Emperor Caligula

Letter To The Editor: Nature Taking Its Course

-originally published on Crooked Lullabies, 5/16/17. The following is a private email to Sherman Oaks Review of Books editor-in-chief Ellis Weiner. (Ellis is a funny and accomplished writer. He wrote the paperback version of Howard and the Duck, for pete's sake. Check out his website and/or Wikipedia page. More importantly, read his stuff. I'd link … Continue reading Letter To The Editor: Nature Taking Its Course